The Climates Where You Should Use 5w30 Motor Oil

What do those number-letter combinations stand for?
When you purchase an engine oil, you would always see those numbers and letters. For example, Valvoline 5w30. What does this represent and why do we need to be cautious of this? This is what we call oil viscosity. What is the best oil viscosity for a vehicle? It depends on two major things. Car manufacturer and climate. Let us start with the Car manufacturer. Every car has a specific oil that it requires. If you have read your manual, they include it on the lubrication section. You should, by all means, follow this because whoever designed the car knows the best for the car. They know what will be the best oil to use for longer engine life. Despite what other people may say or think, always rely on your manual.

How does climate affect the oil viscosity?
For starters, the letter “w” on that combination stands for winter. The lower the number before it, the better to use in cold areas. The number after it is on how thick your oil is. Here’s a good example, in cold countries, car manufacturers would set their default viscosity. Mostly, it’s recommended to use 5w30s in a colder area. That is the same reason why Valvoline 5w30 sells more on cold weather countries. Now, for tropical or hot countries, the recommended viscosity would be 10w40. They need a much fluid behavior from their oil on hotter countries to avoid engine damage. If you do not use the proper viscosity, the tendency is, you will have a lot of wear and tear parts getting destroyed early on your engine. It will take longer for the oil to travel around your engine and create more friction. This means, without the proper lubrication, your gears and parts will be grinding with each other resulting to damages inside the engine.

Why A Lively HSA Account Is Different Than Other HSAs

What is a HSA?

Health Savings Account (HSA) is a savings account which work with your Health Insurance plan. Citizens that pay their taxes and has a high-deductible health plan are eligible into opening a HSA account. The funds in your HSA can be used to pay your medical bills, however if you used these funds to pay something that is not related to medical payment it will be subject to federal income tax.

Why A Lively HSA Account Is Different Than Other HSAs?

There several options found at when opening your HSA and the following are facts about Lively sets it apart from other company that offers HSAs

  • Lively offers this service for FREE.
  • No matter how much your balance is you will be earning interest with Lively.
  • You will be opening an account with $2.50 per month, the only thing you will be paying for it the access of your saving through Ameritrade.
  • There is no minimum cash balance requirement.
  • The fee is only $2.50 for both individuals and employees
  • You can set up recurring investment with no fees.
  • Lively offers you easy methods to access your savings
  • You will be provided with a debit card that will give you access to your funds anytime.
  • In case that you do not have your debit card and paid with cash, you will be subjected to reimbursement.
  • Lively is FDIC approved, which means your money is secured.
  • Lively is a 100% paperless and will not wasting your time with filling up long forms.
  • You can sign up in 5 minutes, it is that easy!

Lively offers both individual and employee HSA, here are their individual benefits:

  • For individuals
    • It is free for both individual and family
    • It is FDIC approved
    • It is interest bearing
    • You can invest for $2.50/month
  • For employees
    • You manage all your contributions
    • It in sync with your payroll
    • It offers employees options for investments

New Zealand May Just Be The World’s Best Country To Live In

New Zealand is located in the south western part of the Pacific Ocean and is a sovereign island country. The capital of New Zealand is Wellington and the country comprises of two major landmasses which are the North Island and the South Island. The country is known for their stunning landscape and diverse natural beauty.

New Zealand has been dubbed as “God’s own country” and as well as the “Paradise of the Pacific”. The country is the fifth largest island nation and has a population of almost 4.5 million and since the landmass of the country is quite vast; there are still many areas that are sparsely settled.

Best Living Standards
New Zealand is always included in any list for the best countries in the world. The country is known for their best living standards and their government has been regarded as one of the least corrupt. The World Happiness Report has placed New Zealand in the eighth spot out of 155 countries. Indeed, New Zealand can also be considered as the best country to live in especially if you are looking for the best government benefits and amazing landscape.

Prosperity Index
The country is also known for their open market policy and as well as their strong sense of society. The latest Legatum Prosperity Index has placed New Zealand at the top spot out of 149 countries. The results of the study are based on the following factors:

  • Business Environment
  • Economic Quality
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Governance
  • Health
  • Personal Freedom

The social strength of the country is the primary reason why New Zealand is ranked at the top. The country’s free trade agreements and major developments in infrastructure have created a significant impact on the well being of the citizens and is also the secret of the success of the nation.